Signs, Signs..Very Important Signs

25 Feb

By Renea Winchester

 I promised myself I would only post to my blog once a week, but I just looked at the calendar and Heavens To Betsy, I simply had to write this post to prevent a terrible tragedy.  I do not profess to be an expert at interpreting the Zodiac signs. I only know if one is going to be a successful gardener one should: a) purchase a Farmer’s Almanac and, b) never ever plant anything when the signs are in the secrets. 

This is not a joke.

Now if the earth dries out here on the east coast and the weather hits a balmy 60 degrees the first week of March, many of you are going to have spring fever so bad you’ll be dying to scratch in the dirt. Under no circumstances are you to plant the first seed. If you want to build a raised bed that’s perfectly fine; build the bed, till the soil, sharpen the tools, clean out the hen house or the barn and incorporate all that organic matter into the soil; but don’t you dare chunk the first life-sustaining seed into the soil. If you do you’ll be sorry. 

Why? Because during the first week of March, the Zodiac signs for planting are in the bowels, then the reins, and finally the secrets.

Think very, very bad Ju-ju…only worse!

If you do plant something the first week of March odds are the seeds either won’t germinate; or will come up, fill you with hope of a bountiful harvest, then eventually die. Unfortunately, the signs aren’t perfect for planting above ground crops until the new moon, which falls on March 15th.

Now I know there’s also a saying about that day which goes something like, “Beware the Ides of March.” That soothsaying slogan had everything to do with Julius Caesar and nothing to do with planting your vegetable garden. If your Almanac says plant on the Ides of March, then by all means, grab the hoe. 

Happy gardening and remember, get those hands dirty!

Renea Winchester is the winner of the Appalachian Heritage Award. Her first book In The Garden With Billy: Lessons on Life, Love, and Tomatoes will be published in 2010. She welcomes your comments at


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