Billy’s St. Paddy’s Day Tradition

18 Mar

By Renea Winchester 

It mattered not that the earth was thick and heavy with recent rains, or that the Grier’s Almanac bible of when and what to plant strictly forbid the planting of anything on March 17, 2011, Billy’s mind was set on planting beans. His brother planted beans on St. Patrick’s Day, and that was good enough for him.

Click here to see a Video of the garden during last week’s rain.

If Billy has taught me anything, it is to respect the wishes of others, regardless of my own personal opinion. 

I honor traditions such as those, regardless of the obvious signs pointing toward the imminent destruction of anything that sprouted. After all, Blackberry Winter is just around the corner and Dogwood Winter is yet to arrive…two seasons that are known to bring bloom-killing frosts.

However memories must be honored, regardless. 

I opened the freezer, a place of storage that houses very little food and quite a bit of bean seeds, only to find water dripping from the top into the storage compartment. Water in the freezer is a terrible sign.

I informed Billy of the problem. Our plans immediately changed from planting to procuring a freezer. While Billy made some calls, I launched into the impossible task of creating a “pathway” in the “Plunder Building.”

The Plunder Building is a health hazard. Seriously, small children, pets, and humans should steer clear of this building that is home to who knows how many rats and (hopefully no) snakes. It’s a “two-step” building. One where you take two steps inside, and either begin searching for what you came for or back out in fear.

I am not joking.

Of course Billy knows where everything is, which is why I needed to be very respectful of what I cleaned, and how I rearranged items he uses every day. An hour later, it was time to pick up the kids from school. I dusted off my hands and hoped my contribution helped.

Later, with a car full of teenagers, I passed Billy’s and noticed that the Chicken Man was paying Billy a visit. Andrew called later that evening to assure me that everything had been “squared away,” and that the new freezer was working properly.

While we didn’t spend the day the way Billy wanted, we spent the day the way it was meant to be, in the spirit of friend helping friend.


One response to “Billy’s St. Paddy’s Day Tradition

  1. Nebraska Dave

    March 18, 2011 at 10:19 pm

    Sometimes the best laid plans will crash and burn in any given day. It’s good that you can roll with the calamities. I certainly know about those days. We can’t plant beans in Nebraska yet but it’s about time for the lettuce, radishes, and onions.

    I liked the rooster crow at the end of the video. I guess he must have been complaining about the rain too.

    Have a great garden day.


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