Another Freebie from a Trusted Small Business

04 May

GROW BEST, Meet In The Garden With Billy

Visitors to this blog know that I only endorse products I personally believe in and have tried at my home. Such is the case with Botanical Interests ™ and GROW BEST liquid plant food. I can proudly announce that the Cherokee Purple tomato seeds sprouted in three days! Then, I began misting them with GROW BEST plant food. Below is a picture of the plants 14 days later. Six leaves in 14 days…unheard of.  I will chart their progress throughout the season.

Healthy Cherokee Purple Plants

I was so pleased with GROW BEST that I contacted the owner, Bill Lucas, yesterday and asked if he would donate samples I could give to readers who buy copies of In The Garden With Billy: Lessons About Life, Love & Tomatoes  during conferences and speaking engagements. He said Yes! He also volunteered to visit Billy’s ‘little strip of land’ in the summer and hand out a few samples.

This my friends is the power of buying local and establishing relationships with family owned small businesses. Both Botanical Interests ™ and GROW BEST liquid plant food offer a superior product. And, they aren’t too “corporate” to care about you, their customers. Seriously, check them both out online here. and

At this point I should probably explain that neither company has paid me to be their spokesperson. I just want to keep the record stick-straight. Not many of us have money to waste on products that don’t work. Unless there is a natural disaster, or Mother Nature smacks us around this summer, these products will work for you.

For those who live near Billy, I’ll post on my blog (and on the In The Garden With Billy Facebook page) when Mr. Lucas is going to be at the Billy’s farm. Those who are coming to any of my events in the future (in Georgia and North Carolina) will receive free samples of Botanical Interests ™Heirloom Tomato Seeds

I'm Still Giving Away Botanical Interest seeds

and GROW BEST (while supplies last) when they purchase a copy of my book. Those who purchase copies of the book online receive only the free seeds (boo hiss on that pesky postal service shipping liquids red-tape).

If growing vegies isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Botanical Interests™ is also THE place for wonderful flower seeds and tools. As you know Billy and I like to add something different every year. Next year, my wish list includes this Botanical Interest uniquity. 

Of course, GROW BEST is an all-purpose food that works on everything green. There is no need to purchase multiple varieties. This is truly a one-bottle does it all product.

Yes, I’m thinking about ALL gardeners, not just tow-mader lovers.

GROW BEST is available in Home Depot stores in North Georgia. (There is a store literally across the street from Billy’s house). South Georgia friends, please, ask for it. Stores are being added daily and GROW BEST is coming your way if you ask for it. The summer is a busy time in the Garden Center and employees might not be familiar with all the products. Don’t let them steer you to another brand they think is “just as good.” Ask for GROW BEST by name. If the store doesn’t carry it, they can order it for you. And of course, it is available through the company website.

One pint (priced at $ 7.97) makes 16 gallons! The sample bottle mixes to create one gallon of food for all the plants you love. AND, there are no blue/green thumb stains as with those other fertilizers.

For my out-of Georgia friends: I’m sorry that I cannot ship samples of GROW BEST to you. (pesky postal regulations). However, the free tomato seed contest is still in effect until the last Friday in May. Those new to this blog, comment on any posting and be automatically registered for FREE seeds. I’ve been known to thrown in Dill seeds also. One never knows quite what to expect from me. 

My goal is to help everyone, both experienced and newbie, grow delicious vegetables.

Remember, keep those hands dirty, and, forward this link to friends. Time is running out on the giveaway!

Renea Winchester is an award-winning author of the widely popular book In The Garden With Billy: Lessons About Life, Love & Tomatoes. Visit her at


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3 responses to “Another Freebie from a Trusted Small Business

  1. Veggie Val

    May 4, 2011 at 7:10 pm

    YAY!! Yes, your Cherokee Purples are ahead of mine. I’ll have to check out this product. So glad to see you planting heirloom seeds. Thanks, Renea!

  2. Rose Marie Morton

    May 8, 2011 at 4:56 pm

    Great information, Renea. By the way, I planted heirloom tomatoes plants from Lowe’s in my flower bed, can’t wait to see how they come out. I’d love to try the seeds and Grow product, will order some on-line if product is not in local stores.
    Thanks again, Renea,
    Happy Mother’s Day!


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