Small Garden, Big Results

19 Mar

It is said that good things come in small packages. That saying rings true when it comes to raised beds. I am just now discovering the glory of gardening using raised beds. If y’all will remember only last year this area with a disaster: filled with roots, honeysuckle and vinca. Today, thanks to multiple applications of mushy shredded newspaper, worms have come and transformed the soil into a thing of beauty.

A heavy incorporation of chicken manure helped also. Looking at the photo, one might imagine this bed large.

However, looking again, you will see this bed is a little bigger than a yard stick ! This is “fall lettuce” which was planted around January. Lettuce likes cooler temperatures. Soon I will have to either shade the area, or pull up the lettuce.

It hurts me to pull up any plant.

Also in this tiny space, is a row of spinach. Beside the spinach is a row of carrots planted just yesterday. (Because Mr. Coleman’s bunnies love carrots). This raised bed will use every single ounce of space.

Don’t be afraid to turn a small space in your yard into a “big” garden. Upcoming plans call for the incorporation of another “bed” for onions and garlic. Ideally, you can grow lettuce in the same area. Since garlic and onions “die back” in the summer heat they can both share the same gardening space as lettuce and other greens. Effective managing space and seeking every ounce of sunlight is something I am forced to do in my limited area.

Tiny raised bed=BIG harvest

Renea Winchester is the author of the book, In the Garden with Billy: Lessons about Life, Love & Tomatoes. Her book is traditionally published and available in independent bookstores and online. Visit her at Follow the happenings at Billy’s by liking the In the Garden with Billy Facebook page.

And remember, keep those hands dirty.


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