On the Road again….

16 Jan


Someone said the “S” word…snow; then they said the “I” word…ice. Snow and ice are forecast along the route I will travel today. Leaving Atlanta is precarious on the best day. Traveling becomes ridiculously complicated when the roads are wet and the clouds threaten to spit frozen balls on your windshield.

I would be lying if I said I’m not nervous. Readers of this blog know that above everything else, I am honest when baring my emotions.

To be selected as a Pulpwood Queen pick is a dream. Few meet her standards. While some believe my life as an author is glamorous, in reality I am just like any other person who must travel away from their family. Being an author is hard work…very hard work. I have never been this far away from my family and we are all hurting even before I pull away from the house. The weather does little to ease any apprehension.

Perhaps that is why the Good Lord placed Ann Hite in my path. It’s not popular these days to suffer separation anxiety while away from your family. In fact, most people relish the opportunity for a night out. But for me a night out is best enjoyed with loved ones. I spend enough time alone, inside, just the computer and my characters who oft refuse to share their stories.

That being said, Ann and I are torn. Yes we will miss our family, but our readers are also family. We love meeting them. Love telling them secrets about our characters, hearing readers input, receiving emails and hugs from those who love our characters as much as we do. This emotional contact with our readers is what moves us forward. Without meeting them, Ann and I would give up…stop writing…stay home curled in front of a fire with a cup of hot chocolate. We might even eat bonbons (the fantasy food some folk think authors consume).

So today, with the clouds bending low, we have packed our suitcases, our costume jewelry and our hats. We are Texas bound, excitedly so. I’ve done a bit of research about Jefferson Texas. According to Wiki, Jefferson is a metropolis when compared to my hometown of Bryson City, North Carolina. I can’t speak for Ann, but I’m a small town girl, eager to visit the tiny town of Jefferson Texas. In my heart I know that the citizens will wrap their arms around me and welcome me home.They will say, like my grandpa often did, step up here and give me a hug; that is why I will leave my Georgia family and head west…because my Texas family is waiting for me with open arms.

Renea Winchester is an award winning author of In the Garden with Billy. She is represented by Sullivan Maxx Literary Agency. In the Kitchen with Billy: Farming, Fords & Friend Bologna Sandwiches will be released soon. Until then, please visit the Facebook page and “Like it” to keep up to date on the happenings at Billy’s.

Photo credit: Rhonda Perry via Facebook


One response to “On the Road again….

  1. Val Hudgins

    January 16, 2013 at 1:24 pm

    Success is yours, Lady! May a dry road rise up to meet you and may you find a KrispyKreme store whenever you need one. Keep us posted!


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