Seed Sewing Success

05 Mar

A quick follow-up about the seeds I started on 2/21/2015. As always I enjoyed tremendous success with my Botanical Interests Seeds.

If you are just joining me. follow this link to read my seed-starting tips, and how to convert items we discard into mini-greenhouses.



Check out the seed clinging to the tender leaf.











Aerial view



I hope you will give my suggestions a try. I enjoy a high germination rate due in part to these techniques and ordering awesome seeds.

Now it is time to begin the process called “hardening off,” which means I will place the seedlings outdoors on a sunny day when there is some wind. They will NOT go in direct sunlight as that will burn the tender leaves, but slowly work their way into the sun. This process strengthens the seedlings and prepares them for the growing season.

If you haven’t visited the Botanical Interests website, or ordered a catalog, please do so today.











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