No-Fail Seed Germination

13 Mar

By now most gardeners are starting their seeds. Spring Fever is causing us to twitch and ache with the need to feel the dirt on our hands. If you are a believer of “the signs” (meaning starting seeds on the stage of the moon) please wait another week to start your seeds. This will give you plenty of time to click the link and order seeds from Botanical Interests.

If you are new to the blog, or uncertain of how to start seeds, visit my previous blog post here to learn how to convert cartons and containers into mini-greenhouses.

Experienced gardeners know that peppers are one of the most difficult seeds to germinate which is why I share today’s images.

As you can tell by the images, I too have a problem with germination (not). For it appears that every seed I planted germinated and then invited a friend over to germinate as well. Look at those pepper seedlings !!!!20150313_082028 20150313_082052

In fact, each morning when I check on my pepper seedlings it appears that another sprouted during the night. The yellow seedlings in the image greeted me this morning. They are yellow because they have just emerged and haven’t yet been fed by the sun. Sprouting these in a recycled cookie container allows me to close the lid each night. Condensation collects on the leaves and waters the plant without fear of rotting.

Now I do not profess to be a gardening expert, but I would strongly suggest you start seeds using the method incorporated in the link above, and I would highly recommend Botanical Interest seeds for no-fail sprouting.

Soon it will be time to plant these little darlings. My next problem is finding the space for all of these lovelies. Until then #thinkSpring and happy growing.

20150313_082100 20150313_082112












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