The War Room

26 Oct

It’s easy to be a person of faith when everything is going your way.

When everyone is healthy.


Covered by health insurance.

When the car cranks on a cold morning, and the kids get along.

When the mortgage is paid and latte tickles your nose as you shop in Target.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we don’t pray a lot during the times when everything is going our way, do we?

What do we do when our world falls apart? What do we do during the valley time . . .?

When the car won’t crank and the kids are sick with something Tylenol won’t cure.

When we receive a call from the husband saying he’s been laid off due to downsizing.

When there is no money and no hope of obtaining any in the future.

When we hear the terrible “C” word.

Those times set our knees to buckling and the faithful either lean into God, or fall eerily quiet. Some of us may be “on the outs” with God.

My friend, Neisha, leans into God harder and more violently than anyone I’ve ever seen.

Yes, violently.

She has a “war room” inside her home. Here she fights battles. Battles against job loss, illness, fear, and doubt. She quotes scripture. She prays, on her knees. She never ever gives up. But perhaps more important, she is teaching her Littles that God is faithful.

God is faithful when we pray. He hears us even when we do not see an immediate answer. God is listening.

Give up is one of the biggest tactics the devil uses in this war called life. He whispers, God isn’t answering your prayer. Why are you still praying? He convinces us that our prayers aren’t important, that our prayers are selfish, that we are too sin-covered for God to hear us. He whispers Give Up You Aren’t Worthy. He whispers unfriend those who do not agree with you politically. You don’t need them.

The devil has divided us. He is a liar and the faithful must dig in.gif

Deep my friends. We must dig deep. Into a faith-built trench so deep that only God can lift us out, or cover us beneath his wings until the storm passes.

It is easy to believe in answered prayers when God instantly fulfills our needs. But what about the times when God makes us wait?

We do not like to wait. We want instant miracles, a drive-thru breakthrough delivered before we say Amen.

However it is in the waiting that our faith becomes strong. Truth be told we don’t want to be strong either.

So when Neisha posted her “God is Able” photo I began thinking, Why do I worry so? God IS able.

And if my faith is strong then shouldn’t I believe that God IS able.

Dear Ones let me preach (to myself . . . Renea, focus now and pay attention), I’ve been giving the devil yards and yards of worry-rope with which to hang myself. I’ve been praying, but I’m starting to get impatient.

Faithful folk shouldn’t be impatient. (Renea, you’ve got work to do).

Faithful folk should pray, Lord, I don’t see your answer but I KNOW it is coming.

That’s what Neisha did. She kept praying. She pushed through the fear, the doubt. She squashed the worry-worm that the devil planted in her head flatter than a pancake. Be gone worry, there’s no place for you here.

She prayed.


Neisha, in the War Room.

God provided and she took to Facebook boldly professing the answer to her prayer. She posted her GOD IS ABLE photo without knowing that her post challenged me. Her post read See that green highlighter behind my ear? Yep, I’m in the War Room circling answered prayers. That big circle on top is Ted’s job. We prayed very specifically, and Jesus answered specifically!! Many of you are on that wall. So let this green circles encourage you…Jesus lives, he’s real, and he’s still answering!!

After seeing her photo I snatched up a piece of paper and began writing. Today I’d like to share some of the things on my GOD IS ABLE list. Today, I want to encourage you to create your own list. Share with others. We can tie together what the devil has ripped apart.


Heal my broken heart

Sell my house

Save lost loved ones

Handle this political season (He’s got the WHOLE world in his hands)

Send rain to replenish the streams and rebuild the pastureland

Send me more editing clients

Meet my physical needs

God IS able to do more in my life than I could ever imagine.

Dear Ones, what is on your GOD IS ABLE list?  No matter how large the request, God IS Able to meet the need.

Renea Winchester is the award-winning author of several e-book collections and three traditionally-published non-fiction books including her latest:Farming, Friends and Fried Bologna Sandwiches from Mercer University Press. k. She is passionate about heritage seeds and saving daffodils. When she isn’t digging in the dirt she is hoarding canning jars and reading good books. She also posts on her blog, Bloggin’ Billy’s. Find her also at Renea Winchester.


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