Being Hands and Feet, with your contributions.

16 Dec

I am hurriedly typing, the beloved surprised me last night by coming home days early, and we BOTH are leaving for the Distribution Center, after we drop off one more load for Jack. I’ll be out of pocket this weekend and will not be able to read your messages.

I have not spoken to Jack via text this morning. That is normal. His hours are sporadic. He will find housing today. We’ve got him covered. THANK YOU to everyone. Arrangements have been made to reunite him with his family this weekend. He needs to decompress. He needs to cry. He needs to let his puppy love him.

But there are others like Jack, and it is my purpose to find them.

Thanks to everyone who downloaded a copy of my Christmas Story, which gave me some quick cash to put into the pockets of these strangers (only some of ) whom I have shared with y’all. More stories are coming. It is hard to help, write, and answer all of your messages. Thank you for your patience. handf

And then there were the PayPal contributions, the gift cards, the clothing donations. Thank you for trusting me and knowing that my heart is so burdened, just as yours. Thank you for understanding that I feel helpless, as do you, and that I am but one little ant working hard here on earth to help those whom God places in my path.

The stories are so hard for me to process. I still haven’t taken them in, there isn’t time. My season of mourning will come later.

Most of all, and I mean this, for everyone who messaged:  I can not give, but I can pray, lean in close because I have a secret: my prayer-warrior mother is in heaven and this has been a tremendous year of loss for me personally. The only way I can do this is through your prayers. My heart is full. I am bent humbly to this scorched earth, lifted only by your prayers. Every time you think of me, please pray.

untitled1Like this story? Renea is donating the proceeds of her Christmas Story: A Hardscrabble Christmas  and In the Garden with Billy to the victims she meets at The Distribution Center. Download it here.  And please follow my blog by typing your email into the “Follow” link.follow

Note: I can NOT add a Paypal Code to this free blog site. I will contact you via email with instructions on how to donate if you desire. Please be patient as this little blog post is getting quite a bit of attention.

Renea Winchester is a traditionally-published author of three books. She is a Jesus lover, a gardener, and a giver of hugs.




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