Reader Wishes to Donate Knitting Items: Seeking Knitting Sister

16 Jan


First, a message to those who have reached out to me. If I have not answered your comment with an email, please leave another. I do receive them via inbox. Thank you for your patience I’m just one little gal who works full time and is trying to help. So, if I haven’t responded, please reach out again. I have a feeling I’m missing a few return emails, my apologies.

Moving forward, a reader from Illinois has offered some of her knitting tools to Gatlinburg victim. I LOVE this idea, absolutely adore it as I enjoy my craft-time. The reader wrote, “ I admit to owning more than I need when it comes to knitting needles and yarns.”

Law now isn’t that the truth. We crafters hoard… c’mon now admit it. Y’all are among friends.

We hoard yarn, and thread, needles and stuff.

We hoard lots of stuff.knittingsisterneeded

Her email continued, “I would like to be able to help another knitter get started back on building up her toolbox and yarns.” Let me tell y’all, this is a kind offer. Because when funds are tight, there’s no extra for “luxury” purchases such as knitting supplies.

As an aside, I can’t knit a lick . . . can’t sew a stitch either, but I sure do make a pretty ornament when time permits. I just purchased 200 satin ornaments for decorating next year. They are under the bed.

Craft hoarder that I am.

If their are any ornament makers in Gatlinburg, I’ll share my loot as well.

Keeping the hands busy helps in the healing process and so I come to you, my readers, asking you to share my blog. Help me find a knitting sister for my friend.  To protect my reader from any undesirables who wish to take advantage of her generosity. I will ask for verification of old address.

Renea is donating the proceeds of her Christmas Story: A Hardscrabble untitled1Christmas  and In the Garden with Billy to the victims she met at The Distribution Center. Download it here.

Renea Winchester is a traditionally-published author of three books. She is a Jesus lover, a gardener, and a giver of hugs. She may be reached at P.O. Box 404, Webster NC 28788

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